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The Secure Line Ep.1 | Comey in Paris

This post originally appeared on The Secure Line.

Recorded on June 8, 2017 | Listen now | iTunesStitcher

On the first ever episode of The Secure Line, the team reacts to James Comey’s Senate testimony before diving into why American politics is so bad at addressing threats to our sovereignty. Then it’s on to Paris, where the Trump administration surrendered power and leverage by pulling out of international climate accords. Before diving down a rabbit hole on the lack of American leadership in international law on a range of issues, we address who benefits when the US won’t lead on climate. Lastly, Under the Radar: the topics that should have been more in the news, but weren’t.

And, as promised, the link to the National Security Law Podcast that discusses Carpenter v. United States:

On the Secure Line this week were: David Solimini, Host. Caitlin Howarth, Rebecca Zimmerman, and Xander Meise.

Dome of Sultanahmet, Istanbul