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International Conference of Crisis Mappers: Geneva 2011

On 14 November 2011, I delivered a short Ignite Talk on behalf of the Satellite Sentinel Project at the International Conference of Crisis Mappers. The conference, which took place steps away from the UNHCR headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, is an annual event for members of the crisis mapping and humanitarian tech communities. Lead organizers and co-founders Jen Ziemke and Patrick Meier define crisis mappers as follows: 

Crisis Mappers leverage mobile & web-based applications, participatory maps & crowdsourced event data, aerial & satellite imagery, geospatial platforms, advanced visualization, live simulation, and computational & statistical models to power effective early warning for rapid response to complex humanitarian emergencies. As information scientists [they] also attempt to extract meaning from mass volumes of real-time data exhaust.

To learn more and consider joining the crisis mapping community online, click here. I highly recommend it. Patrick's blog is also an excellent resource for those new to the concept of crisis mapping, or just trying to keep up with the constant wave of innovation in the field.

Video of my talk is below. Try to ignore the screenshot, which looks like I'm in the middle of belting out some Adele song during karaoke night.

Dome of Sultanahmet, Istanbul